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Post-It notes based on STAMP

Using the STAMP microcontroller this project write-up details out how to make an electronic post-it notes display. All software & step by step guide is right there for you and it's written very clearly.

"Pick up milk." "Feed dog." "Finish homemade nuclear sub." Many people can’t function without writing little reminders to themself. But using one paper sticky note after another causes a lot of clutter and can be pretty wasteful. Instead, assemble a bunch of surplus parts into a digital note system for your kitchen or office. Just write out your message with your fingertip on a computer trackpad, and it appears on an LCD screen.

When you’re done, press a button and the screen is erased. Add a rechargeable battery and an enclosure, and you have unlimited (and eco-friendly) note-making capability.

Link: Electronic Post-It

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