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PICkit serial analyzer

The PICkit Serial Analyzer is a low-cost USB-based tool used to direct communication between a PC and an external serial device.

The PICkit™ Serial Analyzer development system enables a personal computer (PC) to communicate with embedded development systems via serial protocols such as I2C™, SPI, asynchronous and synchronous USART. The PC program uses a graphical interface to enter data and commands to communicate to the target device.

The PICkit Serial Analyzer simplifies the chore of managing serial communication with a device under test. The Windows® user interface (provided) configures the hardware and ‘scripts’ communication with the target device. Scripts created within the software GUI are saved to an internal library for future use. Once created, scripts can be conveniently assigned to push buttons or simply executed directly from the library index. All communication data and events are posted to a transaction window in a readable format.

The PICkit Serial Analyzer currently supports the following protocols:

* I2C™ - Master
* I2C™ - Slave
* SPI - Master
* USART – Asynchronous
* USART – Synchronous
* LIN (external hardware required to meet electrical specifications)

You can buy PICkit directly from Microchip for cca 50 USD.

PICkit Serial Analyzer home page

User manual + schematics
Firmware 2.03 - source codes
Firmware 2.03 - binaries

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