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PICASO VGA/SVGA Graphics Controller

Compact & cost effective ready to go 'drop in' embedded graphics engine that will deliver stand-alone functionality to your project from 4D Systems.

The simple to use embedded commands not only control background color but can produce text in a variety of sizes as well as draw shapes in 256 colors while freeing up the host processor from processor hungry screen control functions. This means a simple micro-controller with a standard serial interface can drive the module with ease.


* Intelligent and fully integrated VGA/SVGA Display Graphics Controller
* Tiny 28 pin module, powered by the 4D LABS PICASO chip - a powerful DSP/Controller based multi purpose graphics engine
* Low Power design: 3.0-3.6V supply @90mA
* 256 colors with standard resolution modes for QVGA (320x240), VGA (640x480) and SVGA
* The μVGA-PICASO-MD1 supports multiple resolutions within the same module. Resolutions are selectable during run time under host control. Resizeable viewing window allows partial/full screen control.
* The digital video signals facilitate using a simple Resistor-DAC to drive any standard VGA monitor
* 512K bytes of onboard SRAM for video memory allows 8 pages for QVGA, 2 pages for VGA and 1 page for SVGA resolutions
* RX and TX signals (TTL levels) provide a simple serial host interface. The serial interface allow the μVGA-PICASO-MD1 graphics module to be connected to any host controller such as a PIC, AVR, STAMP, ARM, Propeller as well as a PC. The host controls the module by sending simple serial commands.
* Auto baud rate detection from 2400 baud to 1Mbit/sec.
* Powerful, easy to use and understand built in graphics functions allow drawing of lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, text, images, icons, user defined bitmaps and much more
* SPI signals (SDI, SDO, SCK) allow the module to be connected to a number of SD and MMC memory cards (from 64Mb up to 2Gb) that can store images, icons, and other graphics objects.
* Future upgrades and enhancements are easily achieved by uploading PmmC (Personality module micro Code) files. PmmC files allow the PICASO chip to be uploaded with the latest micro-Code firmware.
* System designers can incorporate the μVGA-PICASO-MD1 module directly into their application, saving space and cost. Reference designs enable the user to create a platform to incorporate the μVGA-PICASO easily.

PICASO VGA/SVGA Graphics Controller - 4D Systems

You can buy the PICASO controller from SparkFun. Don't forget the PICASO base board for easier using.

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