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PC keyboard to RS232 and others...

Hello again and sorry for this intermission (a lot of work, you know...) Here are some tips for you...

Today I found new interesting article on the AVR Freaks site named PC keyboard to ASCII external (you must be registered user to see this article, but don't worry, registration is for free.) Author of this circuit, Alan Probandt from Oregon, uses ATtiny11 for fetching the scancodes sended by the keyboard, transforming them to the ASCII characters and then transmissing by RS-232 interface to the world.



Yesterday I had to repair my first electronics construction - the 1-wire based outdoor thermometer. In doing so I found the schematics and the source code for this stuff, so I'll publish it in the next days.


At the day after tommorow I'll take part on the Texas Instruments' 430 Day external event. I'll write about it...

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