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Parallax Propeller based laptop computer

I've really dilema if this amazing construction post under 6502 or under Parallaxis. So decide yourself: This is a Propeller laptop with a 6502 co-processor and 64K of static RAM!

The one thing I can say about is: "I WANT IT!" - so it's not intelligent, isn't it. Rather let the author explains in his own words:

"I’ve always want to design a computer from scratch, (sure, I understand...) but modern CPU’s are too complex, run too fast, and have too many fiddly little pins to be any use in a DIY project. An older processor like the 6502 is much easier to work with, yet you can still learn about computer architecture from it."

The hardware for this computer is minimal. The entire address space of the 6502 is devoted to a single 64K static RAM chip. The system includes no ROM in the 6502 memory map, no startup BIOS, nor any dedicated I/O at any address. How then does the program get loaded? How does it communicate with the outside world? That’s the key to why this system is so great: by not providing any dedicated addresses, the Propeller is free to define the memory map in any way imaginable! I will not say this means that this computer can emulate every other 6502 computer (like the Commodore 64, Apple II, or even Nintendo NES) – because my demo programs don’t go so far as to prove that. But, the possibility that this is true remains. What classic computer would you program this laptop to be?

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