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Old good times

Remember the old good times with all these amazing computers like ZXS, C64, BBC etc.? Get 8-bit nostalgia now!

One of the very first personal computer was the Sinclair ZX80. Believe or not, you can build an 1:1 replica of this amazing machine!

ZX80 Schematics (pdf)
ZX80 Hardware page

The less-known cousin of ZX80 was the Jupiter Ace computer (It has a built-in FORTH interpreter instead of more common BASIC). Wanna build one? Why not - start here, please:

Jupiter Ace hardware page
Jupiter Ace resource site

There were small computer based on 6502 too, of cource. Like the UK101 computer:

UK101 hardware page

Here is one more "professional" computer - An Apple I (yes, THAT Apple), made as professional replica with modern parts:

Replica 1

We can't omit a silent legend, the ORIC Atmos computer. This 6502-based computer was a Spectrum competitor, but it didn't succeed.

Oric project page

Mentioning Sinclair we can't pass the Sinclair QL computer, probably the Sinclair's fall precursor. QL is the 90's 68008-based computer presented in mid-80's, so it couldn't succeed. Unfortunately. Let's commemorate this computer with QL service manual (pdf) - schematics included, of course!

With QL we moved to 6800x world. I'm waiting right now for delivering two pieces of 68008 and I'm looking forward to use them in my new homemade computer. Here is the inspiration:

My beautiful 68008
68008 dartboard control
A small 68008 computer system


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