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The Old Good Ones

The old integrated circuits renewed, in a new way, for modern applications... Who makes them, where you can buy them...?

The end of obsolescence is a headline of the Innovasic Semiconductor external company. The Innovasic has not very rich product line, but an interesting product line - have a look! You can find an old processors in the new manner there. Just such as IA186EB, the equivalent of the Intel® 80C186EB, an Intel® 80C188EB equivalent, an AMD® Am186EM / Am188EM equivalents, Motorola's 6805 equivalent, renewed ZiLOG® Z88C00 etc. So if you plan to use some of that ICs, ask Innovasic!


Some of the old good chips are manufactured by the Intersil external corporation too. You can find chips like the 8255 PIO, the 8237 DMA, the 8254 CTC, the 8259 PIC (interrupt controller) or the 8282/8284/8286/8288 support ICs in the Intersil's Product Line external, as well as the Intel's 8086/8088 processors.


If you are interested in famous 6502 microprocessor, you may not omit the Western Design Center's web external. Western Design Center, Inc. (or shortly WDC, yes, exactly like the Western Digital's discs) is producing the famous 6502 as well as its innovated versions.

The WDC CMOS 65xx Microprocessor family of Integrated Circuits (Chips) is an offering of Microprocessors (MPU), Microcontrollers (MCU), and Microperipherals. As the original source for CMOS 65xx technology, WDC offers several chips as replacements to those previously offered by our licensees.

WDC 65xx Family of Chips consists of these chips:

  • W65C02S 8-bit Microprocessor (MPU) - The W65C02S is a low power 8–bit microprocessor features a full external data (8–bit) and address (16–bit) bus.
  • W65C816S 8/16–bit Microprocessor (MPU) - The W65C816S extends the 65xx technology family to handle 16–bit processing with a 16MB memory space while its emulation mode allows complete hardware and software compatibility with 64KB 6502 designs.
  • W65C134S 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU) - The W65C134S is a feature rich 8–bit microcontroller based on the W65C02 with an advanced Serial Interface Bus (SIB) token passing local area network for multi–W65C134S processor systems. The W65C134S has a full external memory bus (8–bit data and 16–bit address bus). This MCU has an embedded debug monitor ROM.
  • 65C265S 8/16–bit Microcontroller (MCU) - The W65C265S is the 16–bit extension of the 65xx microcontroller family. Along with increasing the memory space to 16MB with a full external memory bus (8–bit data and 24 bit address bus) the W65C265S includes 3 additional UARTs, increased GPIO, Parallel Interface Bus, twin tone generators and more. Similar to the W65C134S, the W65C265S has a built–in debug monitor ROM and libraries. A reference design with OS kernel, display, ToD, data communications and power management software is available directly from WDC.
  • W65C21S Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA) - The W65C21S Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA) has been used successfully with many different microprocessor families especially the 65xx, 68xx/68xxx and x86 microprocessors. Two program controlled 8–bit bi–directional (bit programmable) peripheral I/O ports allow direct interfacing between the microprocessor and selected peripheral units with manual or interrupt driven hand–shaking.
  • W65C22S Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) - The W65C22S Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) is a flexible I/O device similar to the W65C21S. In addition to I/O, the W65C22S provides two programmable 16–bit Interval Timer/Counters with latches and synchronous serial interface shift register.
  • W65C51S Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) - provides an easily implemented, program controlled interface between microprocessor based systems and serial communication data sets and modems.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? The WDC's processors aren't expensive - about ten dollars. You can order small amounts of chips directly from WDC external.


If you need some old IC, you can try the eBay, of course. But take a look at the Arcade Components website external first. These guys has really interesting pieces for all vintage fans.


You're not alone! There are other guys loves old things - look at MAKE: blog article external about the vintage computer kits. The Briel Computers external and the Spare Time Gizmos external really relives the glorious days of early computing...

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