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Video to oscilloscope

Yet another entry for the scope-abilities list -
These projects offer the ability to convert composite or VGA video signals for oscilloscope display. You'll need a scope with Z/intensity input in addition to the X & Y axes in order to pull this one off.

Parallel Processing Computer

This project introduces a computer that uses multiple microcontrollers (MCUs) that cooperate to solve one problem. This “parallel computer” can be used as an educational system that will help the development, understanding and fine-tuning of many parallel algorithms. It can also be used to achieve high performance in many cases such as in Digital Signal Processing.

dsPIC Synthesizer

dsPIC-based voice MIDI synthesizer by Michael Herman

MIDI Laser Show

Scott Coppersmith presents laser show controller based on dsPIC

WizNet-based security system

Ethernet based Security System by Ahmad Masri

DIY: Sun tracking unit

Show your talent by DIY a Sun Tracking Unit: ScienceProg

Hacking the robotic vacuum cleaner

See the interesting things you can do with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

68000 home computer

You grab a Motorola 68HC000 32 bit mcu, some knowledge, you mix them together and you should get a 32-bit power single board computer. The chip is quite old but there are many chip makers still produce it.

3-wires interface for LCD display

Serial interface to LCD display, originally based for an Arduino.

PIC MIDI controller

This MIDI Controller uses a PIC16F877A Micro and a 2 pin LCD Character Display.

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