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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Using TQFP ICs in homebrew constructions

Every hobbyist can work with IC in the DIL (or SOIC) package without any bigger problems. But modern ICs, especially microcontrollers and processors, are in the TQFP/LQFP package. How we can handle with them?

Generating TV signal with the PICs

A few schematics of the TV signal generators based on the Microchip's PICs

The Old Good Ones

The old integrated circuits renewed, in a new way, for modern applications... Who makes them, where you can buy them...?

The Beginners Basics: How to identify Electronic Components

Have a look at the article Identifying Electronic Components external on the uCHobby.com external. There is almost complete guide to identifying components found on older PCBs or discarded electronics you can recycle and use.

Homebrew computer

Dennis Kuschel is another guy builds his very own computer from a scratch. It is really interesting piece of hardware...

Atmel AVR programmers

A pair of AVR JTAG programmers for hobbyist.

Nokia Color LCD - using 4096 colors in 8bit mode

How to manage Nokia 6100 LCD to use 4096 colors without any limitations? It's easy... You can use my library for free.

As I promise in my previous article external, here is my improved LCD C library for using with the Nokia 6100 Series LCD.

Main feature in this library is method to use full 4096 colors in the 8bits (256col) mode. It is enabled by simple hack, based on the color lookup table and the LRU cache.

Cheap LCD display with 4096 colors for embedded projects

How to use the color LCD from the Nokia 6100 mobile phone with your own microcontroller project? Inside: Description of full-color (4096 colors) LCD mode, connecting the display to the µC and free graphics library to download.

Thermometer with PIC12F and Nokia LCD display

Nice stuff - thermometer made with tiny PIC, DS18B20 and LCD from old Nokia 3310.

DIY: Z80 homebrew computer

Are you interested in old 8-bit computers? Build your own one! Hans Summers person shows how to do it!

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