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mbed at home

The mbed kit arrived! Here is my first impression (and some pics and vid):

Pocket PC challenge

Do you remember the old pocket PCs like the SHARP PC-1500, PC-1600 etc.? A small plastic brick with an ASCII keyboard and simple LCD.

Speccy music: one wire singing

Do you remember the old times we listened the noisy sound and believed it's music out there? Let's play the one-bit symphony again!

Chameleon AVR system

The game-oriented BASIC-Stamp and Arduino successor: cheap system with an AVR plus a Propeller together on a credit-card sized board.

SimAVR - free open source AVR simulator

"Small, mean and lean hackable AVR simulator".

ZiCog: Z80 in the Propeller chip?

ZiCog is a (or better say: "wants to be a") Z80 emulator for the Propeller chip by Parallax.

MultiBladeProp - multi Propeller computer

The TriBladeProp is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on three Parallax Propeller microprocessor chips.

(Source: BlueMagic.biz/cluso)

Catalina - a free Propeller C compiler

Are you looking for C compiler for your Parallax Propeller chip? Catalina should be the one!

Open source hardware 2009

I definitely can't omit this: Make's Guide to Open Source Hardware Projects of 2009. Enjoy!

Propeller-based LCD module

I think it's not only the LCD module, but a good Propeller dev kit.

(Source: GadgetGangster web)

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