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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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AVR prototype board

A new prototype board for AVR 28-pin microcontrollers from Protostack.


A small computer, based on ATMega162, built by C64 lover Andre Klonz.

Digital capacitance meter

An older (2003), but still good circuit: Capacitance meter with AVR AT90S2313 by ELM.

TellyMate - A Serial-to-TV adapter

TellyMate is a VT-52 compatible terminal display device that takes data from a RS-232 and outputs text to a TV screen, developed by guys from Batsocks.

PIC frequency counter

A small frequency counter with a cheap PIC microcontroller and a few seven-segment LED digits with frequency range up to 50MHz.

USB to Serial with ATUSB

Build your own Benito - an USB to Serial device based on AT90USB162.

Interfacing Telit GM862 GPS module with an Arduino

Telit GM862 is a GPRS + GPS module with simple AT-based communication protocol. You can connect it to the Arduino in easy way.


Something nostalgic: QP/M is a time/date stamping and speedy CP/M 2.2 replacement that fits in the same memory space.

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HuBik - Tengu-like device

Tengu-like device with 8x8 RG LED display.

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