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Because I have not tested all electronic circuits mentioned on this pages, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.

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Octopart - a partlist widget for your pages

Octopart external provides rich embeddable part list widget you can use together with your project pages.

Looking for some circuit?

If you're looking for some circuit for your project, try use the CircuitScout external, a specialised circuit diagram search engine. Try to start searching for circuits here instead of Google next time... :)

Using SD card with Microchip PIC

Some usefull links for implementing access to SD/MMC cards / FAT file system.

PIC touch keypad

If you need some kind of little bit excentric, unusual and good-looking touchpad, check the Luhan Monat's site external for the PIC touchpad external.

Compare: Microwire, SPI and I2C

A handy and cute summarize of the most often used serial interfaces: SPI, I2C and Microwire

Programming Stuff

Homebrew JTAG interface for the MSP430, the AVR or the CPLDs? In-Circuit Debugger for the Microchip's PIC? The GAL programmer? No problem!

USB interface chips

If you need an USB interface for your circuit, try to use Delcom's external one.

Thermometer with DS1820 + ATtiny15

This is my very first construction with the cheap Atmel's ATtiny15 external and the DS1820 external thermometer. The main goal was the BIG display from the 7-segment LED modules. (And cheap + simple construction, of course...)

PC keyboard to RS232 and others...

Hello again and sorry for this intermission (a lot of work, you know...) Here are some tips for you...

Site transferred

The site was moved to the new hosting and it is hosted by GoDaddy now. I hope everything went OK and no errors occures.

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