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.NET device with FAT and USB Host for US$80

Embedded Master module by GHI Electronics implements Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework. This allows users to run C# managed code right inside Embedded Master. Users will use Visual Studio to develop and debug programs.

Embedded Master is the first and only OEM device that implements .NET Micro Framework and adds FAT file system and USB host capabilities. Users can access files on SD cards or USB memory devices (thumb drive, USB hard drive...etc.) and also use many other USB devices such as, mice, keyboards, joystick, printers, bluetooth dongles and many more.

* Software: Micro Framework V2.5
* Windows SideShow V1.4
* USB Host (MS, HID, Printer and more)
* FAT File System
* Full TCP/IP Stack
* Bluetooth (SSP, OBEX)
* Peripherals (SPI, PWM...etc.)

* Hardware: 72Mhz ARM7 Processor
* 10/100 Ethernet Interface
* USB Host/Device
* Graphics (Dedicated SPI)
* 45 Digital I/O
* 30 Interrupt Inputs
* SPI (8/16 bit)
* I2C
* 4 UART
* 2 CAN Channels
* 4 10-bit Analog Inputs
* 10-bit Analog Output
* 4-bit SD Memory Interface
* 2 PWM
* 125mA with Everything Enabled
* Low Power and Hibernate Modes
* -40 to +85 Operational
* Lead Free
* Connector-less Mounting

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