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MultiBladeProp - multi Propeller computer

The TriBladeProp is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on three Parallax Propeller microprocessor chips.

(Source: BlueMagic.biz/cluso)

Propellers are amazing chips: Each Propeller microprocessor contains 8 RISC microprocessors on the one chip. Features include SRAM, Flash, microSD, VGA, composite video (TV), PS2 Keyboard and Mouse, power regulators and USB interface to PC. (This web has a Propeller section too.)

TriBladeProp has three Propellers blocks working together. Due to the information on author's web, one Propeller does the procesing with extra SRAM (512KB/1MB/4MB of static RAM memory), up to 8MB of Flash memory, and a microSD socket for up to 2GB of external memory. The second Propeller acts as a terminal with VGA and/or composite video (TV) outputs and PS2 style connectors for Keyboard and Mouse. The third Propeller provides additional I/O for interfacing to external boards. Emulation of other older popular "retro" computers may be done on the TriBladeProp board. A Z80 version running CP/M is in the advanced stages.

SixBladeProp is - believe it or not - the six Propellers version. Multiple with 8 COGs - it's unbelievable! 48 microcontroller cores on one board! Simply amazing.

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