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MP3 Daisy player

The Daisy is a multipurpose sound player for embedded applications. It can be used as a standalone personal music player,as the sound for an art project, in a kiosk, as a museum tour guide, in a toy, or anywhere that high quality embedded audio is desired. It uses MMC or SD flash memory cards so storage size is unlimited. It has several interface modes for either human or machine control.

The Daisy is based on the Microchip PIC18F45J10. It can run at 40MHz, 3.3 volts, which makes them ideal for this application. Also, most of the pins are 5 volt tolerant, easing interface with other microcontrollers. The other chip on the board is a VS1011 decoder. It is an .mp3 and .wav decoder chip, a DAC, and a headphone amplifier all in one 28 pin package.

Link: MP3 Daisy player

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