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Morpheus - Propeller-based multicore single board computer

If you are interested in the amazing Parallax Propeller chip, you appreciate the Morpheus: A dual processor Propeller based single board computer.

I suppose you know the Propeller chip by Parallax: A 8-cores microcontroller with really amazing performance (More about Propeller here).

Morpheus is a dual-Propeller single board computer with special features, such as:
* I2C boot EEPROM
* I2C Phillips PCF8563 Real Time Clock
* Compatible with SpinStudio modules from ucontroller.com except for the “Game Stacker”
* CPU#1 P8-P11 normally used for 32KB SRAM or FRAM
* CPU#1 P12-P15 for WinBond or compatible 4K page erasable FLASH, available up to 8MB (64Mb) in capacity
* CPU#1 P8-P15 may optionally be used to provide a second ProtoBoard compatible header if the SPI memory is not populated
* PS/2 Keyboard support
* PS/2 Mouse support
* Line level stereo audio out (may be used as two DAC’s for other purposes)
* 4 bit bus for CPU communication
* PropPlug compatible programming header, adds optional fifth pin for 3.3V
* VGA support, build time option for 64 color Parallax compatible mode or extended 256 color mode
* working 1024×768 4 color driver, I am adding individual palette entries for each scan line
* 256×192 256 color per pixel gaming mode (expected in 1-2 weeks)
* Sprites will be added after initial gaming driver release - 16×16 pixels, 256 color palette
* working burst read speed: 20MB/sec at 80MHz (requires 3 cogs)
* working burst write speed: 20MB/sec at 80MHz (requires 3 cogs)
* can switch "pages" in as little as three instructions
* selecting a different address within a page takes one instruction
* easy to use 10MB/sec mode with random access within a 256 byte page

Morpheus is really impresive hardware, isn't it?

You can buy Morpheus kit or read more here: Morpheus @ Mikronauts.com
Mem+ - a memory extender for Morpheus

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