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Minesweeper - TV game

"Minesweeper" is originally a PC game that comes along with the Windows bundle. For our design, there are 15 x 10 cells on the game board. At first, all 150 cells are covered, and the player can left-click the PS/2 mouse on a destined cell to uncover it, or right-click to mark the cell with a flag – a reminder to the player that the cell is possibly taken by a mine.

We decided to use two microcontrollers for the project. One microcontroller handles the TV screen drawing and the other controller handle the mouse interfacing and games computation. Microcontroller 1 (mc1) generates video signal and display it on TV, microcontroller 2 (mc2) reads mouse’s data and handle the games computation.

Mc1 and mc2 are communicating to each other through UART. mc1 send information about location of screen that need to be updated and the image to be displayed at that location. The schematic diagram of the system is shown below.

TV Minesweeper @ Cornell university

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