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microWatch - DIY Scientific Calculator

The ultimate nerd status symbol: The world's most powerful (and only!) programmable RPN/Algebraic scientific calculator watch. Ridiculous? Perhaps. - Cool? Very! - Super Nerdy? You bet!

Not exactly discreet, but almost certainly a world’s first. David L Jones from Sydney has grafted a Homebuilt Scientific Calculator onto a watch strap.

It uses SMD components and a 16-bit PIC24FJ64GA004 processor from Microchip. Looks like it’s a fiddly project to solder, but the end result is well worth the struggle. All the data is displayed on a backlit 16 character 2 line Dot Matrix display.

David is planning on selling a kit version of the uWatch but has also released everything as open source with circuit diagrams and parts lists available from his site at www.calcwatch.com.

The whole construction is open-source.

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