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Undoubtedly s'worlds smallest and simplest oscilloscope! An 8 pins PIC processor samples the analog input signal and generates a (PAL) video signal which shows the waveform on a normal television set.

Author (Ronald Dekker) says: " The present generation of micro controllers is so powerful that such a videoscope concept can be realized almost completely in software. Recently I obtained a sample of the 12f675. On examination of the datasheet of this small 8 pins micro controller from Microchip, it appeared that the small package contained all the components of a miniature videoscope. In short the &microSCOPE project was born, with as main objective the challenge of implementing such a relatively complex task in this small micro controller. The result summarized on this web page is a fully functional (memory)scope that samples the analogue input signal and subsequently displays it on a normal TV (Fig. 1). Unfortunately the &microSCOPE works only on 625 line PAL standard TVs, sorry. It was never the intention to build a sophisticated measurement instrument. Nevertheless, signals up to a few kHz are reasonably well displayed by this simple circuit that can be build for only a few euro. Hopefully this "poor mans" scope may be of good service to especially the young electronics hobbyist."

More on Ronald's page about the microSCOPE

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