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Microcontroller video game

A video game system. The hardware was designed and built using three microcontrollers. The software includes low-level firmware, and a custom video game called Alien Slaughter!

There is a small PIC16F84 µcontroller running at 20MHz to generate a black and white video signal based on the graphical contents of an external SRAM chip. This SRAM chip is shared on a common bus system by the graphics controller, the '84, and a larger µcontroller, the PIC16F877. The main processor, the '877, and the graphics controller have coordination circuitry to control and coordinate their access to the shared video RAM. Finally, the main processor is interfaced to two joysticks for user input, and eventually to a third controller, another '877, used to generate sound effects stored in an external EEPROM.

Link: Alien Slaughter - PIC microcontroller video game

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