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Microcontroller board with Ethernet, MMC/SD card interface and USB

This project is a basis for developing microcontroller applications connected to an ethernet network.

Hardware components already integrated on the reference design include:

  • Atmel ATmega128 RISC microcontroller with standard 10-pin ISP header
  • 64 kByte of external SRAM
  • USB <-> RS232 interface
  • SD/MMC socket
  • Ethernet interface with ENC28J60 (IEEE 802.3, 10Base-T)

The hardware design is expandable by connecting additional components to the existing pin header. Several digitial I/Os, A/D inputs as well as the standard SPI and I2C (TWI) serial interfaces are available for user-defined purposes.

The curcuit board is designed as a two-layer board of size 100mm x 80mm. Most components use SMD packages.


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