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Maze in a Box

Maze in a Box is a portable game in which you tilt a TV to navigate your way around a 3D maze as though you were in it.

The Maze in a Box was created as a challenge to generate 3D looking graphics using the Atmel Mega32. Authors also looked to implement the game in a manner that was completely easy and intuitive to play. Most importantly, it was way cooler than any other idea we could think of.

Game itself is simple: The Atmel Mega32 generates a video signal to the TV showing the user's current view of the maze. The user understands the information moves in a real space to modify his position within the maze. The accelerometers picks up these values and passes it to the analog to digital converter on the processor, which then interprets the changes in acceleration and modify's the user's position within the maze accordingly. This continues until the person reaches the end of the maze, which is marked by a corridor with a diamond at the end of it.

Link: Maze in the Box

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