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A small computer, based on ATMega162, built by C64 lover Andre Klonz.

m64 is an newly created computer with new components and old soul. :) It features main processor ATMega162 at 16MHz and "I/O coprocessor" ATtiny26, which communicates with keyboard. m64 contains 1kB internal RAM, 32kB external fast (15ns) SRAM, 32kB external normal SRAM (70ns) and SD/MMC card as storage device (FAT16, you can use the first 32MB only). There are two graphics modes: 320x200 and 320x200 with off-screen buffer (both modes are B/W, 1 bit per pixel). Text mode can display 40x25 characters (8x8 matrix).

m64 has a built-in BASIC interpreter, exactly like in the 80's.

The whole construction is distributed under GNU GPL.

m64 page (German)
m64 page (English translation)
m64 BASIC page (English translation)

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