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Low cost ARM development board

NGX Technologies Bangalore, has launched a very low-cost and feature rich ARM7 evaluation board called "BlueBoard-LPC2148".

Blueboard is an open-source initiative at realizing cost effective prototyping and solutions using the versatile LPC 214x series of microcontrollers. The board is provided with necessary interfaces for a quick realization of embedded solutions. Blue Board-LPC2148 is a ready-to-run development platform with code snippets to demonstrate applications for every feature supported on the board. Developed to evaluate the LPC214x series of processors, the board acts as a perfect platform to create and test your embedded applications with an attractive price USD 42.

The board features:
NXP's ARM7TDMI LPC2148 with 512 KB internal flash and 32+8K RAM, External Memory 256Kb I2C based EEPROM, audio power amplifier, 2 line X 16 character LCD, Backlight control for LCD, Configurable for manual and automatic program download (ISP) via serial port, 8 controllable LEDs on SPI and a lot of connectors.

Link: BlueBoard-LPC2148
Code: Codes for LPC2148

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