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Light reading for a weekend

The time kills me nowadays, so here are links to interesting projects, at least. Enjoy.

DuinOS is a small operating system with preemptive multitasking for Arduino and AVR based boards. It's based on the robust FreeRTOS kernel.

SD Card and FAT tutorial is a great place to start experiments with memory cards. "Breadboard hack" (how to connect SD and breadboard?) included. In this tutorial author shows how to read and write to a SD card using an AVR microcontroller.

Cs80 is a C sharp port of Z80 emulator.

Microchip presents its own alternative to FTDI chips: a USB-to-Serial converter MCP2200. The MCP2200 also has 256-bytes of integrated user EEPROM. The MCP2200 has eight general purpose input / output pins. Four of the pins have alternate functions to indicate USB and communication status. Sounds good for me.

openPICUS is a wireless sensing platform. Its aim is to let developers (hardware and software) create their advanced wireless sensor applications even without any hardware experience. Read more at openPICUS page.

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