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IR and ultrasonic scanner

This project is a short range, infrared and ultrasonic scanner that uses a standard hobby servo to move the sensors and a color LCD screen to display the information from the sensors.

The core of the project is the ATMEGA32 microcontroller from Atmel. It controls the servo, gathers information from the sensors and places the information on the LCD screen. There is 32K of flash in the microcontroller and the software uses about 13K of that. Since the LCD uses a maximum of 3.3V, the microcontroller is run at 3.3V.

The LCD is a Nokia cell phone knock-off bought from www.sparkfun.com. They even provide a carrier board with a 0.1” header that makes assembly really easy. The carrier board also boosts up the 3.3V supply to run the LED based backlight.


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