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InfraHID and InfraLink

Two constructions based on IR signalling.

The first one, InfraHID is an USB HID gadget, capable of converting CIR signals from a remote control to keystrokes and/or mouse movements. It uses an ATMega8 AVR microcontroller and the Objective Development firmware-only USB driver stack.The device contains a TSOP1738 infrared receiver & demodulator, which picks up the signals from the remote control. The microcontroller implements a combo HID device, simulating both a mouse and a keyboard. This way it can send mouse movements, button clicks and keystrokes (such as PageUp, PageDown, Enter, Escape, etc.) to the PC.

The second IR device is an Infra-Red link that provides bi-directional communication between the NXT and the new Power-Functions system, which consists of a battery box, motors, a remote control (an IR transmitter) and an IR receiver that controls the motors.

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