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How to begin with robots

Simple ready-to-use robotic developer kit from the makers of Roomba vacuum cleaner.

A few days ago my wife obtain the Scooba Floor Washing robot from iRobot corp. I wrote an article about this robot on my personal blog. One of the first question was: "Is it programmable? What processor the robot has?" The answer is, surprisingly, YES, it is programmable, and there is an ATmega168 in the robot.

But you haven't to break and to hack the robotic cleaner/washer... iRobot provides the iRobot Create Programmable Robot for 130 - 300 USD. The iRobot Create Programmable Robot is a durable, reliable, fully assembled programmable robot. It has 10 built-in demos and 32 built-in sensors allow you to control Create and experiment with robotics. An open cargo bay and 25-pin expansion port allow you to add your own sensors, grippers, wireless connections, computers or other hardware.

iRobot Roomba hacking - developer's pages

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