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Homebrew VoIP server on a PIC

A homemade web server with VoIP capability... Unbelievable? Not at all.

It's really impressive: "The code that drives it all is not finished; however, it implements TFTP, Telnet, and HTTP servers; ARP and ICMP logic; a usable user interface via an LCD; a custom file system; and simple VoIP functionality in just under 23k of assembled code. Performance is reasonable: Transfer rates via HTTP hover around 220kBps, much faster than a comparable Microchip stack implementation. Such are the the advantages of coding in assembly."

Project documentation is served by the device itself (interesting idea, but it means "documentation is unavailable" in fact) - you can try: Microchip VoIP

Better use this site mirror: Documentation of VoIP PIC server mirrored

Via MAKEzine

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