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Homebrew computer

Dennis Kuschel is another guy builds his very own computer from a scratch. It is really interesting piece of hardware...

Like Hans Summers, mentioned in my older article, Dennis Kuschel builds his own CPU, named MyCPU external, too. The HisCPU (oh, sorry, his MyCPU) has some very interesting features...

The MyCPU is completely built with 74HCxxx ICs, the only parts with higher integration are the memories and UARTs. The system runs with up to 8 MHz and contains:

- 8bit CPU
- 1MB RAM + 128 kB ROM
- Interrupt controller
- 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, LCD and PS/2 KB interface
- IDE controller
- VGA card

Wow! Imagine that all of them is built with old TTL gates!

The games, utilities, DOS-like OS, programming tools, TCP/IP stack and others are available for the MyCPU.

Author says: "The computer can be programmed in basic, assembler and C. The basic-interpreter is integrated into the operating system, and the assembler is an executable that is loaded from disk and translates the assembly syntax into binary code on the MyCPU. The C-Compiler is a cross-compiler that runs on a Windows or Linux based host system. The realtime operating system pico]OS has been ported to the MyCPU. Applications for pico]OS can be written in C. This is a good starting point for education purpose."

So if you are interested, go and see external.

And the best thing at the end: The project is totally open source.

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