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Homebrew AVR-based iPhone-like device

Don't be silly - you can't make an iPhone with an AVR at home, of course. But you can get a surprising amount of functionality out of a 8-bit processor and a cheap touch LCD.

This amazing project contains 320x240 LCD with 4 wire resistive touch screen, 12Mhz Atmega644 (64k Flash,4k RAM), USB connector for PC communication and charging, Li-Pol battery with software controlled power, software controlled backlight and a SD Micro slot.

But the main point of this project is: Oh my god, how did the author do it? :) (see video at first link). A great inspiration!

Link: AVR homebrew device with iPhone aspirations
Documentation: [?https://sourceforge.net/projects/microtouch/ Documentation, source codes and schematics]

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