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Helix MP3 Decoder

A MP3 decoder for ARM-family microprocessors.

The Helix MP3 decoder provides MPEG-compliant decoding of MP3 content. You can use this library on ARM7, ARM9 as well as StrongARM1 etc.


* Pure 32-bit fixed-point implementation
* High-quality C reference code for porting to new platforms
* Optimized for ARM processors
* Fully reentrant and statically linkable
* Optional C++ API for compatibility with Helix clients
* Designed for high performance and low power consumption in handheld and mobile devices
* Full layer 3 support
* Supports constant bitrate, variable bitrate, and free bitrate modes
* Supports mono and all stereo modes (normal stereo, joint stereo, dual-mono)

Helix MP3 decoder

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