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Handheld Multifunction Scope

The LM3S811-based Handheld Multifunction Scope is an impressive multifunctional oscilloscope based on Luminary Micro’s LM3S811 Evaluation board

This small handheld tool can be operated either standalone with 3 AAA batteries or
powered by a PC’s USB port. When it runs in conjunction with a PC, the oscilloscope’s
traces and measurement readouts can also be displayed on the PC screen though the USB
cable. The multifunction tool supports the following modes:
1. Dual ChannelTrace Oscilloscope: The oscilloscope supports 250K sampling/s
for each channel. It provides free running (auto) mode, edge-triggered mode from
channel 1 (+/- edge), and single shot mode.
2. AC/DC Voltmeter: Auto ranged from mV to 10V.
3. Ohmmeter: Auto ranged from 0Ω to 1.36 MΩ, with audible sound for
4. Capacitor Meter: Auto ranged from pF to 100 uF.
5. Inductor Meter: Measures inductors in the mH/H range.
6. Frequency Counter: Counts small level signal frequency.
7. Logic Probe: Senses Logic High, Logic Low, Open Circuit (tri-state) and Pulse.
8. Pulse Generator: Pulse repeat frequency: 5 Hz to 5MHz. Duty cycle: 1% -99%.
Support single pulse output.

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