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FPGA Interfacing of LCD module

This project is about interfacing a typical HD44780 Text LCD to an FPGA using delay elements with a Finite State Machine (FSM).

Author says: "Most applications of the HD44780 Text LCD usually involves a microcontroller or a microprocessor to generate the signals required by the HD44780 in order to output display. This can be easily done nowadays, since there are plenty of pre-written source codes and libraries available out in the Internet. However, so far little attention has been placed on interfacing programmable logic device such as a CPLD or FPGA to the HD44780."

Here is a simple method of interfacing using delay elements and a FSM. The test circuit is implemented on a XESS XSA-200 board which houses the Spartan II XCS200-5 FPGA.

FPGA Interfacing of HD44780-based LCD using delayed FSM (pdf)
Xilinx ISE project

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