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Experiments with DSP

This project is an experiment of the Digital Signal Processing with a cheap microcontroller instead of an ordinary digital signal processor. Recent 8 bit microcontrollers have sufficient processing performance so that they can be used for simple audio signal processing.

There are some simple audio processing, such as Delay, Echo, Pitch Conversion, that easy to experiment. In old days, solid state audio processors had realized those audio effects with analog delay elements called BBD(charge coupled device). Mainly this project follows these process in digital signal processing.

An ATtiny26 which has analog I/O units, is used for digital signal processing. Recently, it have been appeared on the market with very low price. It has 11 10bit-ADC channels and two 8bit-PWM channels for analog interfacing. Since the built-in RAM is only 128 bytes, any external RAM is required. However ATtiny26 has only 16 I/O pins, any port extension may be needed.


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