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EchoMP3 - small MP3 player

Cheap and excellent MP3 player based on VS1002 MP3 decoder, PIC18F45x microcontroller and LCD display from Nokia 3310 cell phone.

EchoMP3 has these advantages:
* 64, 128, 256, 512MB and 1, 2, 4 GB MMC and SD(HC) cards used as storage.
* FAT (FAT16) and FAT32 supported.
* Low power operation with a single AAA (HR03) 1V2 Ni-Mh battery.
* Runs on a 18LF452 or 18LF458 at 20 MhZ.
* Up to 256 kBps bitrate at 44,1 kHz supported. VBR may peak at 320 kBps.
* ID3 v2.3 tags supported.
* Full user control (volume, track, pause, skip, directory) with a 5-way micro joystick.
* Real time display of bitrate, sampling rate, elapsed time, songnumber, ...
* LCD contrast adjustable by user.
* Directory scrolling and file fragmentation support. Directory depth up to 10 accepted.
* Shuffle (random play) and extended character set enabled.
* SDHC (High Capacity) Cards now supported. Here are some compatible cards.
* High quality stereo DAC with a S/N ratio of typ. 87dB.
* THD of only 0.1% typ.
* On/Off pushbutton.
* Software is 100% upgradeable through an RS232 bootloader connector.
* Voice Recording in PCM-format with same hardware

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