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DIY: Z80 homebrew computer

Are you interested in old 8-bit computers? Build your own one! Hans Summers person shows how to do it!
There are many interesting stuffs on Hans' web external. But if you are Z80 fan, you have to look at the two cute projects: The Great Z80 Computer Project external and Z80 computer (the newer one) external.

These projects has the old good flavor of the middle of 80's. Look at tech specs:

- Processor: Z80B (4MHz 8-bit)
- Memory: 128 KBytes RAM + 32 KBytes Display RAM
- Graphics mode 1: 256 x 256 pixels, 16 colours (selectable from 256K colours)
- Graphics mode 2: 512 x 256 pizels, 4 colours (selectable from 256K colours)
- Text mode: 64 columns x 32 rows of ROM-generated characters

Do you feel the ZX/MZ821/Sord/etc nostalgia times?

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