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DIY "wooden" laptop

A little bit weird, a little bit cool stuff - you decide! Here is a do-it-yourself laptop based on PICAXE 28.

This laptop features:
* 256 kilobytes total storage. It uses 4 24FC512 I2C EEPROMs.

* RAM: 16 kilobytes of I2C FRAM, in a 2 x 8 kilobyte configuration. Fully accessible from within programs through the use of pointers.

* CPU: Picaxe 28X-1 Microcontrollers. The main CPU runs at 16 Mhz.

* I/O Controller: Another Picaxe 28X-1 Microcontroller serves as an i2c slave and I/O controller for the main CPU.

* Sound: Dual-mono sound is driven by the main CPU and supports a wide range of tones, beeps, bops and bloops. It drives 2 x 1-inch, 8-ohm speakers mounted on either side of the display.

* Display: A giant 24 x 8 serial character display.

There are no schematics, no further information, but I think it's also interesting as an inspiration, isn't it? I love these crazy things.

Link: DIY Laptop v2

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