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DIY: The cheapest dual-channel scope

Great idea - USB scope with only ATtiny 45 for less than 10USD with a homemade pcb. USB is software-based, so no extra USB chip is needed.

It has 2 analog inputs and can supply 5V on the 4-pins header on the right. One of the inputs can be scaled down with the trim pot.

The firmware in the Tiny45 is written in C and is compiled with Winavr and usb source code from obdev. As you can see, there is no crystal, the software sync the internal 16.5Mhz pll clock with the USB clock.

It is connected to a PC with usb in HID mode, without the need to install any specific driver. Information is displayed on the PC with .NET C# software. Of course you can write your own code to capture or display the data...

Link: The cheapest dual trace scope in the galaxy

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