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Color LCD + touchscreen module by GadgetGangster

I like a Parallax Propeller MCU, it's a really neat hack. And I've found the ultimate source of miscellaneous accessories for Propeller, and much more...

(Picture: Gadget Gangster web)

Gadget Gangster is not just a component supplier, but an interesting business model too... You can use the product line of GG components (MCU board, display, sensors etc.) to provide your own design to customers. I'd like to write a bigger article about Gadget Gangster next time, so today I'd like to introduce you the Really Big LCD, colorful and touchable.

You know that such big LCDs have a slightly complicated interface than the small graphic/alphanumeric LCD modules. So forget the standard graphics commands or communicating through the SPI as the cellphone displays does. With such display you have to provide full timing and image refreshing. So why don't use the 8-core Propeller?

Specification: The Touchscreen LCD Platform Module expands your Propeller Platform with a 4.3" color touchscreen LCD with a 480x272 resolution. Like all the other Platform Modules, the Touchscreen LCD Module uses standard .1" spacing, so you can also use it with a breadboard or protoboard. Integrating the touchscreen with existing Propeller code is simple: The Paint Demo (and other demos) contain the mouse and LCD objects to drive the display and read the touchscreen. They are both drop-in replacements for the Parallax VGA and mouse drivers.

Link: Touchscreen LCD Platform Module@GadgetGangster.com

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