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ChibiOS/RT: Free Embedded RTOS

Free real-time OS for embedded applications based on ARM, AVR, PowerPC, MSP430, x86, Coldfire or H8S processors.

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ChibiOS is a free, open-source real-time OS for embedded applications. The system is implemented as a library to be linked with the application code, the OS and the application code together form the image to be loaded on the target device.

System has been ported on many platforms, 8, 16 and 32bits. The kernel does not require any special HW feature and it is very compact, on a reference Cortex-M3 (STM32) platform the kernel size ranges from 1.2KiB minimum up to 5.2KiB maximum size. Size metrics are available for all platforms.

See features matrix for further information about supporting ChibiOS features.

Although ChibiOS is free open-source software (published under modified GNU GPL), you can use it in commercial close application - see license.

Link: ChibiOS

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