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Cheap keyboard for embedded projects

Do you looking for simple, small and cheap keyboard for your embedded applications?

I've found an interesting idea at Jesper's page - Use Ericsson's Chat Board.

Jesper says: I just got an Ericsson Chatboard from a friend the other day. He notified me of the fact that the processor was aome 8051 clone, which have the same pinout as an AVR 8515 (and also mega8515, mega162). Well, that was just too tempting ;-)

The chatboard is a small 100*50*12 mm keyboard with 49 keys. It has all alphanumeric keys, left and right arrows, a shift and backspace key and 7 special keys. In it's original form, it sends sequences of digits to imitate the use or a numeric keyboard to enter text on a cell phone. Possible to decode but rather messy.

One can buy this chatboard for about US$ 3 at eBay - try to look for "ericsson chatboard".

You can found information about original chatboard HW and protocol here or here - from an Agenda pages.

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