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Cheap color LCD with Arduino

A Nokia 6100 (or 6610) LCD display driver for use with the Arduino micrcontroller platform.

This library is designed for LCD modules with the Epson S1D15G10 controller - the driver is not compatible with its Phillips controller pendant (slightly different command-set) which is in some of the Nokia 6610s.

Basically the driver is capable of doing the following thins:
* specifying the color of a single pixel on the screen
* drawing a line
* drawing a circle
* drawing a rectangel (and fill it if wanted)
* drawing a picture from an array of data converted from .xpm (converter not included in this distribution)
* drawing text (char/string)

Nokia 6610 LCD + Arduino

(See also my pages about these displays with ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers: 6100 LCD

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