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Chameleon AVR system

The game-oriented BASIC-Stamp and Arduino successor: cheap system with an AVR plus a Propeller together on a credit-card sized board.

I bet you know the Hydra system or the XGS (XGameStation) - the game systems based on Ubicom / AVR / PIC microchips, manufactured by Nurve(I wrote about them recently). Here is the brand new game system - the Chameleon.

Chameleon is a credit card sized computer with two processors, nine processing cores, 1 MByte FLASH, 64K EEPROM and over 170 MIPS of processing power. It provides the numerous I/O interfaces include composite video for NTSC/PAL generation, VGA, audio out or PS/2 for keyboards and mice too.

Nurve says: "The Chameleon is both a complete Atmel AVR 328P application development board as well as Propeller development board. Both processors can be independently programmed and used. Additionally, the AVR and Propeller both have their own digital I/Os, so you theoretically you can run two applications on the Chameleon and use it that way or use the processors together over the SPI link. Also, the AVR system is 100% code compatible and 95% I/O compatible with the Arduino (headers are simply in different mechanical locations), so you can run all of the Arduino software on it."

You can buy Chameleon for less than 60 USD at the following website:

Link: Chameleon @ Nurve Networks LLC

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