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Bus Pirate v3 - prototype

The ‘Bus Pirate’ is a universal bus interface that talks to most chips from a PC serial terminal, eliminating a ton of early prototyping effort when working with new or unknown chips. Many serial protocols are supported at 0-5.5volts, more can be added.

(Source: Dangerous Prototypes)

I'm pretty sure you know the Bus Pirate - or you already heard about it. Here is the third version (or "revision") of this amazing hardware: Prototype Bus Pirate v3 - with full history and verbose instructions.

* Talk to 1-wire, I2C, UART (async serial), SPI, JTAG, MIDI, LCDs, PC keyboards, and a ton of generic serial devices from a terminal.
* Scriptable from Python, Perl, etc.
* 0-40MHz frequency counter, 0-4MHz pulse-width modulator.
* 0-6volt measurement probe.
* 3.3volt and 5volt power supplies with reset.
* On-board pull-up resistors for multi-voltage interfacing.
* Address scanners, chip dumpers, and other helpful macros.
* USB interface, power. USB firmware updates.
* Translations (currently Spanish and Italian, add your own).

You can preorder the Bus Pirate v3 for US$30 - it's pretty cheap for such a device, isn't it?

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