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Breadboard dual power supply

Dual power supply (5V + 3.3V) for your breadboard, based on Linear Technology's LT1529 low dropout regulators.

If you are experimenting with the modern ICs, you have to use not only 5V, but 3.3V too - more and more microcontrollers or circuits needs 3.3V supply (although some are 5V tolerant). Here is a simple tool which helps you to power up your breadboarded circuits by 3.3V and 5V at one time.

It's not original, I confess - the original idea is stolen - ehm, borrowed - from uController.com pages. I'd like to build my own piece, but I haven't suitable 7805-like voltage regulators. Fortunatelly I've found two spare LT1592s, so I've slightly modified the schematics, and voila... :)

If you want to build your own supply, you may use my sources - schematics, Gerbers or ready-to-made PCB design on BatchPCB. Enjoy!

PS: You can omit the diode D1 - LT1529 has a built-in protection diode.

Schematics (Eagle 5 version, with modified linear-technology.lbr file)

Gerber and drill files

BatchPCB ready-to-made design: Dual power supply

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