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Bluescreen SUN - ARM with touchscreen

ThaiEasyElec's Bluescreen SUN (hopefully not BSOD) is a great development kit for embedded devices, based on ARM architecture and LCD touch screen display.

It's nice for USD 115, isn't it? Look at the rich features:

- NXP’s ARM7 LPC2478
- 2 of 16-bit Micron’s MT48LC16M16A2P-75 SDRAM providing 32-bit, 64MB memory
- Connector for 480x272 pixels TFT LCD with touch screen
- Connectors for 800x480 pixels TFT LCD and 4-wire resistive touch screen panel
- SD card socket (connected via SPI interface) support up to 2GB capacity (High capacity: ‘HC’ type not supported)
- On board 8kB EEPROM (the last 128 bytes are reserved for screen calibrated parameters)
- Serial Port 0 with selectable UART connector (TTL 3.3v with 5v tolerant) or female DB9 connector (RS232) for command line interface and in-system programming (select by a jumper)
- Serial Port 1 with full modem signals on male DB9 connector
- 7 GPIO ports
- 1 port ThaiEasyElec’s module connector consisting of SPI and UART signals from MCU (can be used as 10 GPIO ports)
- One USB host interface with USB type A connector and power switch IC LM3526M-L
- One USB device interface with mini-B USB connector (the board cannot be powered from USB connector)
- Connector for ThaiEasyElec’s DP83848 Ethernet module
- DP83848 Ethernet module
- JTAG connector for programming and debugging
- Connectors for 9-16VDC power supply (DC jack and screw-type)
- Buzzer

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