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AvrX - Wavetable Hybrid Synthesizer

Monophonic synthesizer with ATmega128.

The AvrX Waveshaping Wavetable Synthesizer is the result of countless hours of discussions, programming and soldering. Finally we are ready to present the finished result!

AvrX has been developed by Johan Severinsson and Jonas Karlsson in Linköping, Sweden, with a little help from our friends. The synthesizer has been built in five copies.

They wanted to expand the possibilities of the synthesizer by building an innovative and flexible instrument that is also easy to use. The waveshapers, for example, lets the user choose from a long list of algorithms that range from subtle to total sound destruction. Two analog filters shape the sound in many different ways by their lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs, and the routing through them is selectable from parallel to serial. The synthesis possibilities are further expanded by the wavetables that can be modulated by any modulator.

The modulation routing is extremely flexible, allowing connections from any modulation source to any destination. A modulation source can be connected to any number of destinations at the same time. All LFO waveforms are available simultaneously, and you can sync the periods to MIDI clock. Two eight step modulation sequencers allow complex rhythmic sound shaping.


Digital/analog monophonic synthesizer
Two digital oscillators with a choice of 256 different waveforms. The waveform table can be modulated using any modulator in the modulation matrix. An external signal can be routed trough one of the oscillators signal path.
Two analog 2-pole filters with lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs. The filters can be connected in parallel or serial.
One waveshaper per oscillator, before or after the wavetable. 15 different waveshaping algorithms and two independent modulation inputs.
A modulation matrix allowing the routing of any modulator to any modulation input. Three ADSR envelope generators, three LFO:s (square, triangle, positive and negative saw and sample and hold), two 8-step sequencers, velocity, modulation wheel, etc. A total of 30 sources.

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