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AVRSH: A Command Interpreter Shell for Arduino/AVR.

AVR Shell is a UNIX-like shell for AVR microcontrollers.

It features:

# Read all your Data Direction Registers (DDRn), ports, and pins in real-time
# Write to all your DDRn's, ports, and pins to turn on motors, LED's, or read sensors in real-time
# List all known registers on the system
# Create and store values in user-defined variables backed up by EEPROM.
# Create a root password and authenticate against it (used for telnet access)
# Read the configured CPU clock speed
# Change your CPU clock speed by setting a prescaler
# Start and stop 16-bit timers for timing of various things
# Power up and/or power down peripheral sub-systems: Analog to Digital Converters (ADC), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Two-wire Interface (TWI/I2C), UART/USART. Useful for when you want to reduce power consumption of the microcontroller or to enable certain functions.
# Written in C++ with reusable objects.

More on Instructables: AVRSH

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