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Development Platform for the Atmel AT90USB162 and AT90USB82 USB AVR Microcontrollers.

AVRopendous is an Open Hardware and Open Software Development Platform. It can be used for general USB peripheral development or as a USB Serial Adapter gateway for other protocols. It is designed to be compact and modular for easy integration into projects.

* USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbit/s)
* 12kb of available FLASH memory for your programs (4kb used by USB bootloader)
* 512 bytes of EEPROM, 512 bytes SRAM
* USB powered
* standard USB Mini-B connector
* RESET and HWB buttons to enable firmware loading over USB (no external programmer needed)
* HWB can be used as a user button
* completely Open design, schematic/layout/gerbers available for Open Source KiCAD
* works with Open Source LUFA USB firmware library and Open Source LibUSB software library, or with Open Source PySerial library if using gateway firmware.
and much more...

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You can purchase an AVRopendous board at avropendous.com.

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